Road Trip to Angel’s Landing

Angel's Landing is considered one of the most dangerous hikes in America. The truth is that it's a lot more fun than dangerous.

Ihad been planning a trip to Zion for a while. I had wanted to go for a while, but I just couldn’t get the time. I thought it was a lot further away than it was, but I realized it was only six hours from the house, which is pretty close. Believe it or not, I had never been to Zion before, and yet I’d seen these amazing pictures. I really couldn’t wait to see it. I picked out the hardest hike I could find, which is this hike called Angel’s Landing. It’s known as one of the five most dangerous hikes in America, although that’s a little bit overrated. We were really excited.

Bec and I took off on a Saturday morning at o-dark-thirty, and we got to Zion about 1 pm, and by 2 pm we were at the trailhead. It’s only a five-mile hike, but it’s up and back. It’s a tough five-mile hike.

The first couple miles are okay, and then the last half mile is a really steep incline with a lot of exposure. There’s fixed lines so you can hang onto the lines. Apparently, people have died on this trail because they have lost their handhold on the lines.

The scenery is stunning: these huge, huge walls of rock going up from the valley. Everywhere you go, there’s a stunning view. It was absolutely beautiful. Bec was pretty winded by the time we got to the top, but when we did get to the top, we forgot all our pain because it’s so beautiful. Coming down was pretty straightforward. In fact, we got down before it got dark, and we decided to just kind of go through the park to the other side. We didn’t plan on staying in a hotel, and we didn’t have a campsite, so we figured we’d just find one while we were out.

When we got to the other end of the park, about — I don’t know — five miles outside the park, we found a campsite. We stayed there. Across the street from the campsite was a really bad pizza place with bad pizza and very strange people. After that, we just decided rather than hike around in Zion, as long as we were that far away from home, we would go to Bryce Canyon which was about another hour and a half. The next morning, we went to Bryce and didn’t really have time for much, other than taking pictures and doing a scouting trip for some bigger trips later on.

From Bryce back home it was over eight hours of driving, so by the time we got back late Sunday afternoon, we were pretty shot. For a 24-hour trip, it was pretty amazing. It was beautiful, and I can’t wait to go back to both of those places.