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Arnold. Nuff Said.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still crushing it!

We all know him as the actor and the politician, but before all that, Arnold Schwarzenegger was first and foremost a body builder.

His greatest desire back then was to leave a mark in body building–to “become a champion who would always be remembered.” Schwarzenegger still strives to be remembered. He wants to create a great legacy, even if his focus has shifted to other endeavors besides competitive body building.

Every legacy is different, but every legacy can be great.

The Austrian immigrant, seven-time Mr. Olympia, and father of five is currently filming the new Terminator movie. He also stays very involved in politics, promotes athletics and body building through his sports festival, and strives to find avenues for low-income kids to have access to better fitness opportunities and education.

And he continues to train and work out.

Schwarzenegger underwent heart surgery this past March. He says he is still in recovery mode, but regularly bikes to and from his gym, combining cardio with weight lifting.

At 71, he is not concerned with building huge muscles anymore but is interested in overall fitness and wellness. In fact, he and other athletes have created a new wellness brand. Schwarzenegger says, “This project will help… by giving expert health, fitness, and nutrition advice. We’ll also sell protein, energy, and greens that are NSF Certified for Sport… But there is no secret pill. Everything is hard work and eating well.” (Men’s Health)

He continues to be an inspiration for so many. His advice and focus now, for even himself, is to keep training, eat good food, and increase the quality of life.

It doesn’t matter how long you live, but you want to have a good quality of life.

Schwarzenegger’s philosophy back when he was competing was that sweat, sacrifice, pain, and hard work are ultimately what brings triumph. It is a valuable philosophy for all of life and for all of us.