Meet Paul McCrary, a 54-year-old CrossFit Champion

There are many big-name athletic competitions around the world that all have winners. These winners are then considered by some to be “the fittest” or “the most athletic” people in the world. But there are also plenty of people, who not many know about, who are just as athletic and fit. Paul McCrary is one of those people.

McCrary is a CrossFit competitor, a former basketball player, and a Christian. He also has his own endodontic practice. And in 2016 he placed 7th in the CrossFit Games held in Los Angeles.

CrossFit is a workout regimen that includes elements of aerobics, gymnastics, and weightlifting. When McCrary first started into CrossFit, he did it “…just to get exercise.” But as he excelled at the workouts, coaches began telling him he was good enough to enter the CrossFit Games.

Though he didn’t make his first attempt at the 2015 L.A. games, he continued to train with the goal of trying again to qualify. The next year he was in the top 20 and qualified. He made the trip to the L.A. games and out of thousands of competitors placed 7th.

Competition, however, has only been one part of Paul McCrary’s life. During his college basketball years, he was involved with Athletes in Action, a sports outreach ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. McCrary traveled to the Philippines and Korea, teaching basketball skills and sharing Christ.

McCrary is a family man with two children who like to work out with him. He is no longer competing in the CrossFit Games, mainly because the time spent training took him away from his family and his dental practice.

Even though he doesn’t compete anymore, Paul McCrary still highly praises CrossFit as a workout regimen. He said, “If you’re looking to get into good shape, CrossFit is a good thing to do. There are a lot of positive people there.”