Meet Ed Whitlock, the 85-Year-Old Runner

Probably not many of us will be setting world records well into our 80s. Still, for those who want to make that a goal, Ed Whitlock is an example of how to do it. At 85, the Canadian runner ran a Toronto marathon in under four hours, breaking a world record for his age group by more than 30 minutes.

This news didn’t mean a whole lot to him, though. “I don’t think it’s one of my best world records.”

Yes, he has multiple. Dozens, in fact. His favorite was when he was 73, he ran a marathon in just under three hours, a world record that still stands.

“That was a magic day,” Whitlock remembered.

It’s no wonder Whitlock has been nicknamed “The Master.” Strangers came out just to cheer him on, and he serves as an inspiration to hundreds of thousands. He raced and trained with an air of humility as well, training in his local cemetery, and wearing shoes that were 25 years old, but in his words, were still “very comfortable.”

Whitlock passed away a week after his 86th birthday, but his simple attitude toward running and pushing his body is a lesson we can take to heart today: “It’s a matter of perseverance.”

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