Tuesday, October 16 2018

Join a gathering of great guys, the occasional cigar, glass of red wine, and some conversations about the big issues of life. All of this while fly fishing on a privately owned 1,100 acre ranch wilderness and on the Upper Madison which has two sections of the river that average over 2,000 fish per mile.

Bryan Feller

International Vision Trips Prepare to Have Your World Rocked

Extreme Pursuits in Cahoots (EPIC)

In 2017, Bob Shank of The Masters Program, Jim West of The Barnabas Group, Greig Leith of Convene, and Bryan Feller of NCF started meeting at Pete’s Coffee in Irvine. Our goal was to collaborate as friends, freely sharing resources, to promote a greater vision of what we sensed the Lord wanted to do. One initiative that has emerged from our friendship is our joint promotion of the Epic Adventures listed on this page. Bob Shank has affectionately dubbed this with the acrostic “Extreme Pursuits in Cahoots” (EPIC). It is our hope that, through adventure, deeper relationships will develop among us that will have a redemptive impact far beyond us – producing 30x, 60x, and even 100x of what we’ve sown.

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