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I am always looking to link up with fellow adventurers who have a taste for challenging Sierra peaks. I am working my way through the 247 peaks of the Sierra Peak Section, tackling 10-15 peaks a year. From June to November I’m in the Sierras. Off-season, I prefer slot canyons and desert peaks. 

My adventures tend to fall into two categories: Fast weekend trips, and expedition-style adventures. On a typical weekend trip, I’ll drive to the Eastern Sierras on a Friday and camp at a trailhead, bag a peak or two the next day, then drive home late Saturday night. Sunday is a rest day, or a buffer day if the trip goes long.

Longer expeditions might last 6 to 8 days and cover 50 to 100 miles, summiting remote peaks along the way. Most of my adventures involve 10 to 20 miles of daily travel, route-finding, scrambling up to Class 3 – and occasionally Class 4. I am comfortable gaining 3,000-10,000+ feet of vertical elevation in a day. 

Please be sure you are capable of this kind of trip to ensure we are compatible adventure friends before we meet up. If not, let’s pick an adventure that fits your comfort and fitness level so we both have a great time.

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