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Meet Betsy Finley, a 60-year-old Crossfit Champion

Betsy Finley won the 60+ age division at the 2011 CrossFit Games. The champ, out of Akron, Ohio, says her energy, determination, and the support from her gym are what helped get to the top of the podium. Related posts: Meet Greg Walker, 64-Year-Old CrossFit

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Meet Robert Kelman, the 87-Year-Old Climber

When many people retire, they move on to a more sedentary lifestyle. Not so for Robert Kelman, who is the oldest person to make it to the top of the iconic Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. At 87 years young, Kelman has been climbing for…

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Meet the World’s Oldest Female Bodybuilder

Ernestine Shepherd didn’t start bodybuilding until late in life, but her journey has been astounding. “Age is nothing but a number and you can get fit.” Wise words from the oldest competing female bodybuilder in the world…

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Meet Lucie Hobart, the 56-Year-Old CrossFitter

It’s important to know that Lucie’s story does not take place overnight. “It’s been literally two and a half years of hard, slow work,” says James. Lucie has been devoted to CrossFit, training and eating right for years. She lost thirty pounds…

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Meet Nancy Hoshaw, 73-Year-Old CrossFitter

Nancy Hoshoaw was living a sedentary lifestyle when she had a heart attack at age 48. At 60, it was breast cancer. She went to Israel with a group of friends and saw how many women in the group had to lean on canes or other people…

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Harriette Thompson, 94-Year-Old Marathoner

For seven hours and 24 minutes, Thompson defied age. She was encouraged by shouts of “Go, Harriette!” along the race route. As she crossed the finish line, confetti sprayed down, making for a fun surprise for Thompson…

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Meet Sir Chris Bonington, the 80-Year-Old Climber

Sir Chris Bonington is a mountaineering legend. At age 80, he is still climbing. It’s been a passion for most of his life, ever since making the first British ascent of the North Wall of the Eiger, and leading the expedition that made the first…

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Meet Olga Kotelko, 95-Year-Old Athlete

Most people would be content with winning at least one gold medal. Breaking a world record would be the accomplishment of a lifetime. For Olga Kotelko, records were made to be broken. After 70 years of competition, she amassed…

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