Bryan's Index of Climbed Peaks

PeakSPS AreaApproach / RoutesClassSPS ListElevation
Cotopaxi* Andes Mountain Range3No19,347
Guagua Pachincha* Andes Mountain Range2No15,696
Rucu Pachincha* Andes Mountain Range3No15,696
Mount Whitney5 - Whitney to WilliamsonWhitney Trail2Yes14,506
Mount Rainier* Cascade RangeEmmons Glacier Route3No14,411
White Mountain* White Mountains1Yes14,252
Mount Langley3 - Olancha to Langley and West2Yes14,026
Mount Muir5 - Whitney to WilliamsonWhitney Trail3Yes14,012
Mount Agassiz14 - North Palisades2Yes13,898
University Peak9 - Kearsarge Pass VicinityNorth Slope2Yes13,589
Cloudripper14 - North Palisades2Yes13,525
Vagabound Peak14 - North Palisades2No13,374
Mount Julius Caesar17 - Bear Creek Spire AreaItaly Pass2Yes13,199
Boundary Peak* White Mountains2Yes13,146
Mount Dana21 - Mount Lyell and NorthTioga Pass2Yes13,061
Mount Gould9 - Kearsarge Pass VicinityKearsarge Pass3Yes13,012
Lone Pine Peak5 - Whitney to WilliamsonGrass Lake2Yes12,949
Cirque Peak3 - Olancha to Langley and West2Yes12,900
Mount Rixford9 - Kearsarge Pass VicinityKearsarge Pass2Yes12,887
Mount Conness22 - Tioga Pass to Bond PassNorth Ridge5.6Yes12,589
Mount Bago9 - Kearsarge Pass VicinityEast Slope2Yes11,870
San Gorgonio Mountain* Southern CaliforniaVivian Creek, Momeyer Creek, North Fork1No11,503
Jepson Peak* Southern California2No11,209
Alta Peak6 - Kaweahs and West1No11,207
Telescope Peak* Death Valley1No11,043
Dragons Head Peak* Southern California1No10,866
San Bernardino Peak* Southern California1No10,840
Mount San Jacinto* Southern California2No10,833
Charlton Peak* Southern California1No10,806
Little Charlton Peak* Southern California1No10,696
Mitchell Peak6 - Kaweahs and West1No10,365
Mount Baldy (San Antonio)* Southern CaliforniaBowl, Back Bone, North Slope, Register Ridge2No10,069
Zahnizer Peak* Southern California1No10,056
Pine Mountain* Southern California2No9,648
Dawson Peak* Southern California2No9,575
Mount Hardwood* Southern California1No9,556
Thunder Mountain* Southern California1No9,409
Mount Baden-Powell* Southern California1No9,406
Galena Peak* Southern California2No9,324
Little San Gorgonio Peak* Southern California1No9,133
Telegraph Peak* Southern California1No8,986
Cuchillo Peak* Southern California3No8,864
Cucamonga Peak* Southern California1No8,858
Bighorn Peak* Southern California1No8,696
Ontario Peak* Southern California1No8,694
Etiwanda Peak* Southern California1No8,662
Timber Peak* Southern California1No8,307
Mount Islip* Southern California1No8,251
Mount Williamson* Southern California1No8,214
Iron Mount (Big Iron)* Southern California2No8,009
Fresno Dome20 - Clark Range and VicinitySouth Pillar5.8No7,539
Sugarloaf Peak* Southern California2No6,924
Strawberry Peak* Southern California3No6,165
Mount Wilson* Southern California1No5,712
Santiago Peak* Southern California1No5,689
Smith Mountain* Southern California1No5,111
Potatoe Mountain* Southern California1No3,360
Box Springs Peak* Southern California1No3,081

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