Ecuador Mountaineering and Service Trip – April 19-29, 2019

We will fly to Ecuador, play in the big mountains, and share the gift of play with the local kids by building them a playground.

We often substitute leisure for play. We work hard, indulge ourselves as a reward for our hard work, but we rarely play as grown adults. While leisure gives us a brief respite from work, play transforms us.

This is a call to grownups to take an adventure. Play hard. Feel a little fear and experience the breathtaking beauty of the mountains. Here is what we have in mind…

Bryan Feller is partnering with Summit Adventure and Kids Around the World to pull together a trip to Ecuador. We will be summiting a big glaciated volcano together, then we’ll build a playground for kids who have never had the luxury of a real playground. We are going to play, and we are going to share the gift of play with kids who need it more than us.

This is the perfect trip for parents to take their kids on. The age limit for this trip is 16+ years old. And don’t worry, Cotopaxi hasn’t erupted in a few years. 🙂

Fitness Requirement
Outdoor Adventure
Hands-on Service
Observe Local Ministry
Kid Friendly

Cost & Deposit Deadline

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot on this trip, DUE BY DECEMBER 15, 2018. Once you fill out the form, you will be taken to a payment page where you can log in to your PayPal account or pay using a credit card.

Price: $ 500.00
The balance $1,750 per deposit is due by March 1, 2019


Day 1Fly to Quito
Day 2Disorientation Day
Day 3Hike to Rucu Pinchincha (acclimatizing hike to 14,000 ft)
Day 4Playground Construction #1
Day 5Climb Gua Gua Pinchincha (acclimatizing climb to 15,700 ft)
Day 6Playground Construction #2
Day 7Playground Construction #3
Day 8Leave for Cotopaxi
Day 9Climb Cotopaxi, back to Quito (climb to 19,400 ft)
Day 10Market, celebration dinner
Day 11Fly home


If you have questions, contact Bryan Feller using the form below.