Meet a 105-Year-Old French Record-Breaking Cyclist

What would you do if someone told you to give up on an activity because you would never be able to do anything with it?

When Robert Marchand was told by his cycling coach to give up cycling because “he would never achieve anything on a bike,” he ignored the advice and continued to ride.

That was over 60 years ago.

Recently, Marchand set a world record at 105 years of age by cycling 14 miles in one hour. The former firefighter, truck driver, and lumberjack had previously ridden 17 miles in an hour in the over-100 age division. At 105, a special age category was created just for him and he was able to shatter his coach’s prediction.

Speaking of his achievement, Marchand says, “I don’t do this to be a world champion. I do it to prove that if you follow a healthy lifestyle, you can still do a number of things… even at a really old age.”

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