Mount Islip

Quick Facts

  • Adventure Pass required

  • Dogs allowed

  • Allow 2.5 hours

  • Easy

  • Elevation 8,251′

  • 1,627′ of elevation gain

  • 7 miles out and back

Trail Description

I hate doing the same old SoCal hikes every week, so I am constantly exploring the places I have never been. Angeles Forest is a bit of a drive, but it has proven to be a great place to explore this year. I’m trying to summit all the peaks in this area and Islip was the one that came up next on my list. I had done Mount Williamson (not to be confused with the 14er in the Eastern Sierras) recently, which is a really easy hike, five miles up and back. From the same trailhead, I went back and did Mount Islip.

The trailhead for Mount Islip is directly across the street from Mount Williamson. You cross the street, and it’s a pretty easy hike – about 3 1/2 miles to the summit. Most of the trail is a segment of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).

You follow an easy path with some tree cover and eventually get to a dirt road that leads to a well-developed campground complete with picnic tables and nice bathrooms. It might be somewhere I’d go back and take folks for some fun winter camping. Past the campground, about another mile, you come to a half-built structure on Mount Islip. It’s a great, easy day hike with a beautiful view at the end.

Video Walkthrough

The best walkthrough on this hike is from CA Hiker. Check it out before you go.


Trail Map

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Elevation Profile


Islip Saddle Trailhead

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