Courtney and I hike Mount Wilson

I talked my daughter, Courtney, into hiking Timber Peak. Once she finished that hike, she realized how much fun it would be to do the Six Pack of Peaks. A couple weeks later the two of us started up our first peak: Mount Wilson.

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After a Night of Freezing Rain on Mount Baldy

I thought about overnighting on Mount Baldy last night, but decided against it when I heard the weather report. I’m glad I stayed away. Freezing rain blanketed the mountain. I took Register Ridge up Mount Baldy and got an unexpected…

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Overnight Solo on Timber Peak

The lack of adventure in my life felt tangible. Too much rain and snow had kept me inside like a wolf made into a house dog. When Bec made plans for Saturday with friends, I jumped at the chance to do my first overnight for the year. I had my pack ready in an hour. I was on my way to Timber Peak.

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Live in the Present and Find the Beauty

When we got to Yosemite it was cold and rainy. Yuk. We put on our rain gear and trudged up to Vernal Falls. The last quarter mile of the path is a series of steep rock steps. Water was rushing down in torrents and we were salmon…

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Wes and I Summit San Jacinto Peak

The trailhead for this route is near Idyllwild. This steep 12-mile up and back trail gains 4,689′ of elevation and tops out at 10,834′. From the summit, you can see the Salton Sea and even Catalina Island on a clear day.

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