Hi, I'm Bryan

I got slow and squishy by my mid 40's. After a health scare, I got fit — and I discovered the outdoors.

I fell in love with the beauty and awe one can only experience in wild places – especially in the High Sierras. In 2015, I started my blog as a kind of gratitude journal. I am writing it for me, but I hope you enjoy it too. I tend to write about my adventures, my ongoing fitness journey, and what I call The Good Life. I hope my stories encourage you to get fit, get outdoors, and live life with joy and intention.

My Latest Adventure

Zabriskie Point: Death Valley’s Most Beautiful Trail

This is the starting point of a network of trails that link Zabriskie Point, Manly Beacon, Red Cathedral, and Golden Canyon. There are a lot of choices. The 6-mile out-and-back trail we picked takes about 3 hours at a slow pace – winding through some of the most interesting terrain Death Valley has to offer.

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