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Meet Greg Walker, 64-Year-Old CrossFit Champion

At 64 years old, Greg Walker is a CrossFit Games Champion.

At 64, Greg Walker is not just attending a CrossFit, he is competing in the world-class arena of the CrossFit Games. “You’re never too old to feel the spark. You’re just not,” says Walker, now a CrossFit Games champion. He’s referring to the drive that he and his wife have, competing just as hard in the gym as athletes much younger than them. The way they work out is a testament to the Walkers’ commitment to good health and wellness. It also serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to get back in shape.

From Greg Walker’s perspective, the CrossFit Games environment can turn spectators into competitors. Walker has seen older people who merely thought of themselves as grandparents past their prime get into the kind of shape that allows them to actually compete.

“Even if you were never an athlete… give it a shot. The only thing you got to lose is to get in great shape.” Greg Walker has seen people go from wishful thinking to being amazed at how they feel in just three to four months. It’s not enough to just grow old and have golf be the only form of exercise you get. Walker inspires people in a way that they know the CrossFit Games are not just for young people. Anyone can get out and do these incredible workouts.