Meet Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins, the 102-Year-Old Record Setter

This great-grandma from Baton Rouge, LA, whose favorite place is her garden, has many passions in life. And for 102-year-old Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins, running is right up there with trees, flowers, and birds.

The adrenaline you get when you do sports is hard to express, but it’s a wonderful feeling. And it’s something that I say is powerful and worth working for.

After graduating college in 1938 with a teaching degree, Julia met and later married her husband, Murray. They were married over the phone–she in Louisiana and Murray stationed at Pearl Harbor! They had been married for 70 years when Murray passed away.

Since that time, her children have encouraged her to stay active. They were the ones who entered her in the National Senior Games where she broke the world record for female competitors, 100 and older, in the 100-meter dash. This year, she broke another record in her age group for the 60-meter.

She was amazed at the fact that she broke records, but she says she feels like a shooting star and she doesn’t know when it’s going to end. She’s planning to run as long as she’s able.

“Hurricane” Hawkins says she has no real running style; she just gets out there and runs. She quips, “It’s funny how you don’t feel your age. You never think of yourself as old.”

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