Meet Lew Hollander, the 84-Year-Old Ironman

At 84 years old, Lew Hollander is a prime specimen if there ever was one. He has run 20 Ironman races in a row, which in itself is a miraculous feat.

“The thought of retirement’s never entered my head,” says Hollander. “Most men my age are dead.” Hollander pushes himself so that one day he can be one of the few statistics of people living over the age of 120. That’s his age goal, and if he keeps up his level of exercise and diet, he might just reach it.

Both his diet and exercise are guide rules in his life. He never eats anything with parts he can’t identify, such as hot dogs. And his exercise is fairly simple — he goes on aerobic on a daily basis. That means running more than you can handle, running without air. “You go as hard as you can until you can’t go any further, and that’s it. It’s easy. It’s self-limiting.”

Easy or not, Hollander is living proof that it works. Here’s to another 30-plus years of competing!

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