Meet Lucie Hobart, the 56-Year-Old CrossFitter

When you look back at your life, at what age were you the fittest? Maybe in your twenties, at kind of a prime spot for many people? What about at age 56? For Lucie Hobart, that’s exactly what she’ll be able to say.

Four years ago, Lucie started into CrossFit training with her son, James. Lucie’s friends will tell her, “Be careful, you’re getting older now.” But Lucie doesn’t believe that anymore. She is defying age and strengthening her body, one day at a time.

It’s important to know that Lucie’s story does not take place overnight. “It’s been literally two and a half years of hard, slow work,” says James. “It took every single day for her to get where she is now.” And where she is now is in the body of a woman much stronger than your average 50-something.

Lucie has been devoted to CrossFit, training and eating right for years. She lost thirty pounds in three months. When Lucie talks about the many transformations women typically go through in their lives — marriage, kids come, kids leave — she emphasizes her own desire to get fit. She had been a smoker, so running even 200 meters was hard for her. Little gains on a regular basis led her to where she is today.

And now she looks at herself and she doesn’t just see a 56-year-old woman. “I recognize that I’ve been alive for 56 years but that’s all it means to me today. It doesn’t mean I’m old at all. I know that it’s just going to get better.”

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