Meet Marcel Remy, the 94-Year-Old Swiss Climber

[dropcap style=’box’]M[/dropcap]arcel Remy is 94 years old and has been mountaineering since he was young. The father of Swiss climbing legends Claude and Yves Remy still regularly climbs in climbing gyms and outdoors.

In the spring of 2017, Remy asked his sons to go with him to climb the Miroir d’Argentine, the only large limestone slab in the Swiss Alps. He has made the climb over 200 times in his life, but his sons honestly believed he only had a 10 percent chance of making the trek at his current age. In the end, Claude and Yves reluctantly agreed, but only if their father would complete a series of training exercises that they weren’t sure he could handle. But handle them he did, and they prepared for the monumental climb.

On August 22, 2017, the group slowly but steadily made their way up the face of the rock until they reached the summit. Claude Remy said about his father, “Honestly, I  think it’s his character, his determination, that pushed him to reach the top. You need to have a strong character to do so.”

While sitting at the summit, Marcel Remy commented, “I’m like everybody; I’m just a little more tired than the young people. Anytime, something can happen to you. Sometimes you just put this thought aside and have fun!” Marcel Remy’s trip back down included a tandem paragliding flight!

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