Scrambling and Climbing in Joshua Tree

We did a quick trip to Joshua Tree just before the new year. I came in on Friday afternoon to set up camp, then Bec and both sets of kids joined me late that evening. The weather was fantastic.

Campsite 30 at India Cove has a natural cave and a climbing route, so we set up a top rope on Saturday morning and did some climbing. The area around the campground has fantastic scrambling, so we did some exploring before lunch and did some more scrambling that afternoon – I captured this on video.

The Crux Move

The video above shows Courtney struggling successfully through the crux move on this route. I did it as well.

The sunrise the next morning was incredible. Where there are clouds in the sky, there is so much color, light, and contrast on this landscape of giant boulders that the sunrises are always amazing. After breakfast, we did an easy but fun top rope route and headed home.

In the winter, Joshua Tree is one of those magical places that is so close and accessible. It’s easy to get into over-planning mode and miss great opportunities to get into the great outdoors. This is a “throw-your-stuff-in-the-car-and-go” kind of trip that everyone in SoCal should do at least once a year.

India Cove Campground

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